• P'tit lit AllergoStop cot mattress
  • P'tit lit AllergoStop cot mattress
P'tit lit AllergoStop cot mattress

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P'tit lit

P'tit lit AllergoStop cot mattress cot mattress

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Product Details

Against baby allergies
23 kg firm comfort: this round label indicates the firmness and density of the mattress. Pediatricians recommend a firm mattress for the growth of babies. The density indicates the durability of the mattress. The higher the figure, the more durable the mattress over time.

12cm Thickness: Most of P’tit Lit’s mattress is 12 cm high, so they can easily be adapted to beds and provide optimum comfort.

wash machine: This pictogram indicates that the mattress has a removable cover and is washable.

All P’tit lit mattresses are composed of polyurethane foam with Air-foam technology. Air-foam is a ventilated foam that allows ventilation of the mattress; thanks to Air-foam technology baby can regulate its temperature naturally and without treatment. 

The ECARF certification indicates everyday consumer products which improve and simplify the life of those who suffer from allergies.

The Medical Research Foundation researches solutions for all illnesses, including allergies. P’tit lit benefits from this organization’s most recent advances and helps maintain research on French territory by donating 1% of turnover from the product sales

Australian standard size: 70x130x12 (cm)




Product benefits
• The AllergoStop® microfibre is a filter isolating baby from mite allergens that can cause rhinitis, dermatitis, asthma and eczema
• Laboratory proven efficiency
• The removable protector guarantees hygiene
• Guaranteed to be untreated
• Responsible purchase: 1% turnover is donated to the Medical Research Foundation


AllergoStop protector
Polyurethane foam

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